I don't want to see my users photos!

I have created an app where my users can store photos of cool things that are relative to what our community does (cool spots to ride our scooters). The users spots are private - its more of a private utility app however, through the backend of the app i can see the photos they add and i just think that is wrong.

Is there a way that people can use my app, add photos, and me not be able to see said photos through the backend?

Well you as a developer will always see whatever the backend stores, that’s the only way a developer can manage the data. Maybe you can just focus on the design of the app and try your best to ignore those photos?

You can also change those columns into a text column so you can only see the link and not the actual image, if you’re viewing it from the data view. (Unless you copy the link and open it in a new tab, of course)


fair enough. not what i was hoping for but thanks for the reply.

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Currently it’s the only solution we have as Glide developers, but I too wish sometimes I could build the app (the user experience, logic) and yet never see user data.

This is true for Glide as it is for other software. I work quite a bit with emailing platforms for instance, and often wish I didn’t have access to personal identifiable information of tens of thousands of users/people whose data I have no business knowing.

When the protected columns first came out I thought this was the use case. Until it wasn’t :slight_smile:

Maybe basic columns could be made “private” by the developer and this would mask the data in the data editor and builder (except for a few selected rows for testing purposes), and yet still make this data useable in the app (which is not the case for protected columns).

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