I do not want editable date fields

Hello, How do I make date fields that are not editable. All my date fields have an x next to them so the view can change or even delete the date. I need these to be read only. I am using Airtable to connect to Glide.

Hello Violet and welcome to the community.
Based on the limited information that you have provided, I would suggest that you use the “text” field component to display the date and not the “date entry” field.
The “date entry” field will always be editable as it assumes that you want to be able to enter the date.
The same applies with “text” and “text entry”.

I am assuming of course that the date has already been captured and is part of your data (Airtable). If not, then I would kindly ask that you expand a little bit more on what you have and what you would like to achieve.