I Can't connect to google sheet


I’m trying my new free account to Glide, in order to decide if it fits my needs for PWA creation. But after several intents, it continues to ask for me to singn in with google account, even when I put my email and do what it is asking me, it doesn’t work and it keeps asking the same thing repeatedly. What am I doing wrong? What is the solution for this situation?



We had some maintenance over the weekend that might have affected your browser. Is it posible for you to clear your cache or open Glide in an incognito tab and see if that still happens?

I opened the URL in another browser (MS-Edge) and it does the same behavior.

See this image:

I’m supose to be doing things the way Glide Apps Site indicates, but it doesn’t work.

This may be one of those questions but just to confirm, have you enabled the pop-ups?

Yes, only for the Glide Site

Veo que tienes nombre latino, así que supongo que hablas español.

La situación con Glide me interesa resolverla, pues necesito una plataforma para desarrollar una Aplicación Móvil y pienso que con Glide puedo conseguir lo que necesito.

Cuando trato de ingresar con mi correo de Gmail, me aparece este mensaje y no me deja entrar a menos que vaya a mi correo y abra el vinculo que me enviaron.


Evidentemente algo no anda bien con la cuenta que tengo para ingresar a la plataforma.


Has intentado abrir tu cuenta de Glide en otra computadora?


Solo intenté abrirla en otro navegador y hace lo mismo… Me pide ingresar con mi cuenta de google.

Cuando logro entrar al sitio yendo a mi correo y usando el link que me envían, puedo ver las App disponibles, pero cuando intento conectarme a una hoja de calculo de google, me vuelve a pedir mis credenciales de google y no avanza de ahi.

No tengo otro ordenador ahora para hacer la prueba.

So, to be clear, you couldn’t sign in with google because pop-ups were blocked, so you unblocked them, but you didn’t mention if you refreshed the browser or not. Usually when you unblock pop-ups for a website, you need to refresh the page so the pop-up can then show up.

Also, as an alternative you instead signed in with your email (not using the google authentication). The problem here is that you did not sign in with google authentication, so at that point, glide does not have proper authentication to your google drive account.

I ask this. After enabling pop-up’s for the glide page…and refreshing the browser…can you then sign in using google authentication?

I closed the browser and opened again, but there it was the same behavior.

I opted for trying it on a nother PC and it worked good, so now I guess it could be a securuty issue.

Now I’m planning to try it again after changing my gmail password and see what happens.

I’ll let you know…

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