I can use 11 column type only? where is the rest?

I have 11 column type only, they said they have 90+ column type

Is that screen shot taken while you are editing an existing column, or creating a new one?

Once a column has been created as a basic (non-computed) column type, it cannot be changed to a computed column. So the options you see there are correct when editing an existing column.

What do you see when you add a new column?


Thanks, solved :slight_smile:

hello darren,

I just made an online attendance app by using glide, but for date time picker component, it picked data from each device’s user setting and the current time could be different to each other (not using google global time).
So my app user could modify their time device to manipulate attendance time.

Can we set the date time picker to pick google global time based on region?

can you help me, please?
thank you

Screenshot 2022-10-30 052420

I am not sure about this but try unchecking this box. Maybe it works?