I can not submit my template to store!

I can not submit my app to template store!! I fill all infromation, connect to stripe, but “Next” button remains greyed-out !

Let’s see a screenshot.


App link:


Thanks, Adel


I actually have set of Apps that I plan to publish into the store. Here’s another one

App Link: https://ah-leads.glideapp.io/

An here’s snapshot of Template submit form

You don’t have a link for a video demo of the app.

I am not sure why this should be mandatory especially none of the apps in store has video link!

I will prepare a link but I do suggest to reconsider not mandating this.

Thanks, Adel

That requirement has been added recently and does not apply to the apps that has been published to the store.

Sorry, yes, I meant a screenshot of the submission form.

The video is required because without it, we get hundreds of junk submissions. Would you rather pay $99/year to submit your template and keep it in the store? This is what Apple does for the App Store, for example.

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Also, all submissions since we added video links will show a video in the store, and templates with videos have preferential placement in the store.

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Hi Adel,
you cannot add contacts, companies or events into your app ?
I didn’t see how…


Hi Marious,

Yes, you can, I just disabled them because if left active – sheet will be flooded.

I have turned them on for now for you to view.

Thanks, Adel