Template to store

How can I share my Template to store? Even I fills in Subtitles and Description I still cannot click on next button. My screenshots not show the same.

Is video a requirement for this? Anyone who has submitted a template recently can help? @kyleheney @Robert_Petitto @eltintero

I try to set my video with youtube https link but it doesn’t work I can’t click NEXT button also my screenshots aren’t showing.

Yes video is a requirement.


Thank you!

But my problem is still about screenshots, now it can take a shot but it the same page. How can I solve it?

I think I was rejected because my screenshot is not complete and I not give a detail clearly

Can you clarify more on this?

Oh sorry I forget to capture the screenshot but now I think it can take a shot of all my templates. Before that, it take just a one shot I don’t know why may about the system.

Could you suggest me how can my templates get approved. I’ve got rejected one time or I need to do more?

Thank you


I would say generally, follow the reasons that your template got rejected (if they give you that). Read the guidelines carefully and try to submit again.