How to write a plane txt

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Can you explain more about “plane txt”?


Like a notepad

#plain text

If you right-click on a table, you will see export as one of the options:

Then it asks what columns you want to export:

It will give you a file with a ‘csv’ extension. The data inside is “plain text,” as in you can open the file with notepad, and you will see the rows written out as comma-delimited columns.

It’s more manageable if you open the file with Excel or import it into Google Sheets, but notepad will let you view and modify it.

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Now I know something new!!

What I need is:
When a App user press a button,
to write a plain txt with data from a table into Google Drive

Some simple plain text (notepad) like:

Team=The homerunners


There are 2 components that come to mind for your request:

  1. Text entry. You can adjust the text box size to make it small, medium, or large. The data is updated in real-time in the table with this component.

  2. Notes. With this component, clicking on the box opens an overlay that the user submits by clicking “done” or “cancel”. The data is therefore not submitted in real-time to the table. Also, line breaks are not taken into account. I personally use the “text entry” components rather than the “notes” component.


May be I can’t clearly explain myself

I would like to create a new file into Google drive

This must be a plain text file

Like “myfile.txt”

I misunderstood you, my apologies.

I think you will need to use a 3rd party integration for this, for instance using Airtable as a table or possibly Zapier or Make.

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I think the most straightforward way is to:

  • Have a text entry on the screen.
  • Have a button to “submit” that entry through a webhook action to Make.
  • Create a new Google Docs file with the content coming from the text entry.

However, that Google Docs file will belong to your account, not your users’ account.

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That sounds great!!

Working on it

Thank you Mate!!

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