How to use Zapier and integrate Zoom calling into Glide

Hey everyone, I’ve been struggling for a week on this. I’ve gotten Zapier to connect to Glide with a button from my app so that I can integrate Zoom calling. The problem is, its all set to my personal account. Any suggestions on how to allow each of my users to create and schedule their own specific calls, preferably in their message feed, without it having to go through my account? Please help! It’s for a matching app.

I’m not sure, but is it possible it’s using your account because you’re logged into Zoom on your device? What is the URL that you’re using in the button? If it’s just to the Zoom site, then each user would either get logged into their own account, or get presented with the Zoom login screen if they’re not already logged in.

As far as I know, there’s no way to achieve that. Zapier is linked to YOUR zoom account.