How to use event picker for editing?

Hi. I have a travel app where people can have their travel plans with many attractions and the date/time when each attraction will be visited. Each attraction has a detail view where user can check its scheduled date/time and has to be able to edit this date/time to customize the plan. So, for this, I put an event picker component on the attraction edit view, but when I clic on it, it’s set to add a new item (attraction, in my case) and not to edit the previously defined date/time for that attraction. How can I set it to edit the date/time that already exists for an item that already exists?

Sounds like you have an ‘Add Row’ action associated where you probably need ‘Set Columns’ instead.

Hi, Darren! Thank you for your reply!

Where can I swit those actions? I can’t find an action field on the component configuration…

oooh, I’ve never actually used the Event Picker component before, so I just assumed it would be an actionable component. I just looked and I see that it isn’t.

From a quick scan of the docs, it looks like that to modify an existing event, and then you’d to use it within an edit screen, and then you’d have a “Submit” button (or similar) with an action attached that does the Set Columns.

Does that help? (might be a case of the blind leading the blind here, haha :joy:)

Actually, just thinking about that - it makes perfect sense because it’s an input component. And input components don’t have actions.

Still lost here =/

Gimme a little time to have a fiddle with it, I’m sure I can figure it out. (Or somebody else might jump in in the meantime) :slightly_smiling_face:

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So I just tried that, and it seems to be pretty straightforward. After adding the Event Picker to your edit screen, you just need to make sure the Data Event Start & Data Event End fields are pointing at the correct columns. If that’s not working for you, then maybe a screen shot of your Event Picker configuration might help me to see where the problem is.

It isn’t’ working like that for me =/

You can see below that the event picker is a component of my edit view (on the top of the screen, you find “Editar item”, that is “Edit item” in portuguese). On that views, the component shows the correct date/time that I want to edit. So far so good.

event picker 1

But when I clic on it, I see that:

The attraction in this case is the “Forte de Copacabana” and you can see that the component starts a new item besides this attraction, instead of have it selected for edition.
On the configuration panel, you can see I have set the start date/time column (Data | Hora) and the end date/time column (Hora término).

Okay, I can replicate what you see, but I think it is correct behaviour. I think it is just showing the existing block of time for reference. Once you select a new time block and save, it updates correctly.

Have you tried that?


Hi, Darren. Yes, it worked! Thank you for your help!
But I thinks it’s not very intuitive. It would be better if the actual block was highlighted for edition. It doesn’t need a reference, once the current size is already the reference for the current duration.

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Possibly you can filter that component by event ID is current screen’s event ID.