How to use a button to link to a product collection not just an item

I can’t seem to do something very simple, which is link a button (see products) and then go to the collection that houses 10 products.

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In short: add a button with the action “Go to tab” or “Show new screen”

In a little bit more detail, in the layout editor:

  • If you have a tab with these products, then add a button to the screen, associate to it the action “Go to tab” and select the products tab.

  • If you don’t have a tab with these products, then add a button and associate to it the action “Show new screen”. As the source of the screen, select the products table.

And then configure that screen as needed, I think it would give you a default collection.

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Hi Nathanael,

Thank you so much! I actually figured out that the tab was the fastest way to do that! Now I need to figure out how to create an estimate from selected products.

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The ‘Go to tab’ action is a nice navigation action. Simple, to the point.

If you run into more trouble, don’t hesitate to open a new topic to keep the different topics nice and clean in the forum :slight_smile: