🤔 How To: Troubleshoot Required setting not working (w/ pic)


Although I have “Required” as my setting on my Choice component, I am still able to Submit without making a selection.

I do not have any modification in Options so I’m wondering where else I should troubleshoot. Any insight?


Are you in an actual native form or is that a custom form?

Hi Jeff…

I’m too new to answer the question with ANY confidence, so I took a picture of the side menu.

I believe this one is a custom screen.

Since you don’t have the standard Cancel and Submit buttons that are normally included with a native form, I’m assuming that you created a custom form with entry components the write to temporary columns, and a Submit button with an Add Row action to write those values to a table.

The Required attribute only prevents a form from being submitted in a native form. In a custom form, you are writing to the table in real time as you type, so the concept of “required” doesn’t make sense for something that’s already been written to a column in a table.

Most components don’t have the required attribute unless you are inside a native form. The choice component is a bit unique because the required attribute also controls whether or not you have the option to unselect a choice. Usually a ‘-’ option is available.

If you are building a custom form, you will have to build the logic yourself to control if the form can be submitted or not. You can do that by controlling the visibility of the Submit button, or change the action on the button to a custom action that will only add the row if all of your requirements are met.