How to Trigger an Email When Stock Levels Drop Below a Minimum Value?

Hello Glide Community,

I’m currently working on an inventory management app in Glide. I have a feature in mind that I’m struggling to implement: I’d like the app to automatically send an email to a designated recipient (for instance, a supplier) when the stock level of any item drops below a certain minimum value.

From what I understand, Glide doesn’t currently support automated actions or triggers like this. I’m aware that it’s possible to set up something similar using Google Sheets’ script capabilities and a third-party service like Zapier, but I’m looking for a solution that’s contained within Glide itself, if possible.

Does anyone know of a way to implement this feature directly in Glide, or if there’s an efficient workaround that doesn’t involve extensive coding? I’d appreciate any suggestions or guidance.

Thanks for your help!

Before the inventory changes, you would need a custom action that checks if the inventory will be below the threshold, and then send the email at the same time that the inventory is reduced. So the user that reduces the inventory, will be the one to also trigger the email.