How to temporarily store form values before user sign up/in


I have a user input form for an tour guide creator where I ask user where they want to go. I will show them a preview of their tour with a buy now button.

When the user clicks buy now, I will check if they are signed in. If they are not, I want to ask them to sign in before sharing a payment link. If they are, I want them to go straight to the payment link. In both cases, I want to store their user specific values in a tours generated table (Add rows)

My problem is the condition doesn’t work.

If a user is signed in, a row gets added the Tours table with the payment link. Great.

But if the user isn’t signed in, a row gets added to the Tours table, but after they sign in, another row gets added to the same table (double counted), and it is filling data from when they user was last logged in (not this sessions’ data).


Don’t use their default form which comes with a Submit button, you may have to create your own “form” with a new screen then add the components and include a button.

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