Help in form submission adding row with condition

I am building membership management internal tool
and I have 2 questions within it

I want form entries to be like below

What I want is when user clicks Plan type choice(let say cardio) and plan (let say Monthly) the amount auto fills from plan type table

Plan type screenshot

I want to match amount with both durations & Plan type and come up with amount in table
This should be changable as user clicks different choice

  1. Also
    I want to make End Date sync with Plan selected, like clicking Monthly will make end date 1 month after start date if 3 then 3 months after
    [start date default will be today]

This is unachievable in a native Glide form. You’d need to create what we call a “custom form”. Here’s a good guide:
How do I create a custom form?


Hi @Robert_Petitto
Thanks for the reply

I tried using custom form but I’m still stuck
I have tried with user specific,

Can you please give me in more details How do I
Here’s the updated form with data for What I want to show

would like to say it again, what I want
When user clicks Plan Type(Let say Personal coach) and Plan(Monthly) the pricing for that show’s us, if it is clicked personal coach & yearly different pricing for that show’s up like in data

in real-time in Amount(Number entry)
I want it to be editable, if user wan’t to change pricing but default should comes up as clicked

I was going through templates if I can get help and I saw something similar been done in native form

It doesn’t have multi condition(2 categories) but would love to know How it made it possible


Hi @Yohannan

As @Robert_Petitto suggested you need you create a custom form if you want to see the pricing corresponding to the current choices.

In your custom form table (the one used during the subscription process) you need to use relations.
Create a relation between the user’s choices (plan type) and the plan type in your “plan type” table so than you can retrieve information from this table.

There are multiple ways to get the price corresponding to the selected plan and billing but here is an idea:

  • Create 4 columns in your “table form”, One for each of the pricing (monthly…)
  • In these columns, use lookup to search the prices in your “plan type relation”
  • Then create a new columns IF then else type. In it say: IF “plan” IS monthly THEN “monthly plan”, IF “plan” IS quarterly THEN “quarterly plan”…

The result of this columns will be the price corresponding to the user’s choices, then you can display in your custom form screen.

I hope I understood your need, if not feel free to ask again


Thanks a lot, I got it & used this way . IT WORKED

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