How to tell which private users have logged in to the App?

In my app, I only allow private users and they are already in my Users table. I can tell how many users are in the app but I can’t tell who they are. I would like to find out who have not logged in and thus to remind them. Is there a way to do it?

Which plan do you have?

If Business or Enterprise, you have access to Session Logs via Dashboard->Analytics.

For other plans, you would need to implement something. A simple approach is to pick one or more components that you are confident users will touch each time they open the App, and configure an action to update a “Last Active At” timestamp in the User Profile Row.

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Thanks for helping me again.

I have business plan and I found the log file under Analytics like you said. Hopefully there will be an export function in future. Anyway, I copied and pasted in Excel and massaged the data from there.

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