🤔 How to: Sort by month/ keep tally of month amount? (w/pic)


For this project, the user will have a new starting amount each month. Each transaction should add to that.

However, they want to be able to search for any month and get the transactions AND the total of that search.

So far I have a Rollup > Sum Column to keep the tally of the overall month.


You’ll need to create “month values” that you can query against. Here’s a video that might show you what’s possible:

Glide: Dynamically Filter your Data by DATE RANGE (Part 2)

“Search” is a bit dangerous here since you have too many ways to present a month value: Oct 2023, October 2023, 10/2023, 2023 Oct, 2023 October etc.

I would just show a choice component pointing to a user-specific column, and do the query method Robert presented above.