Calculating the total of only certain amounts within a table

I’m busy with a budget app and for our needs (and the easiest automation) it will require me to copy paste the bank statement into the Google Sheet. I would like to make it a continuous thing, so at the end of every month I will just add on. I want to avoid making a new sheet for every month. That will be my last resort…

So, now I would like to do a calculation for the income and expenses per month. At this stage the roll up function works well to calculate everything together but I want to see the totals per month.
I have a separate column that lists the exact month and year that the transaction took place, “July 2021”.
Is there any way that I can use the Month_Year column to calculate the values for that month only?

Or will I have to make separate sheets for every month?

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@Suvone make a USC column (if more than 1 user), to enter the month and year…create a template column and add a space to a date column (that will change this column a text), then if-else column to extract amounts that month and year are included in the date, then a rollup column to sum it

That is simple enough. I would then have to do that for every month separately?
I would make a if-then for July, then a roll up
Then a if-then for Augusts, and a roll up, and so on
Do I understand that correctly?

no, it will change automatically, depend on the month and year you will enter… you can make a choice list of months… so you don’t need to enter manually… unless you want to have permanent data of each month separately… then yes… do separate sheets

Thank you very much for the help! I know what to do know.

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