How to simply modify values in filled Form?

I’m building a “small market” App for ordering “local foods”. To store client orders I’m using “Form Button” and get 1 line per ordered Product with the requested Quantity (and other infos).

Now I want to offer the client the possibility to modify it’s orders before confirmation, means modify values of existing lines. To do that I tried several Buttons options, as it looks the only one solution:

“Form Button” => NOT OK, because this would create new line
“Buy Button” => NOT OK, because at this stage payment is out of scope
“Checkbox” => NOT OK, because new values have to be entered
“Switch” => requires quite complex processing formula in DATA view

then I want to use what looks the last possibility:
“OK Button” with “Link to screen” ACTION and then “Details” style for the new screen, but here I’m facing following issue:
New values are well entered at the right place in the Form, but how could it be saved ??
When I push the “Return” button (left top screen) nothing has been modified !

May someone help me to solve this key issue ? I look at several examples and topics on this Community, but didn’t find one dealing with such behavior/request.

Just display the list of orders from your form response sheet somewhere in your app. When viewing the details for each order, you can either turn on editing, so the user can click on the pencil to make changes and submit the changes, or use entry components to allow the user to make changes in real time.

It seems this confirm the difficulty I meet. In my case I need following behavior:

(1) the possibility to show on the screen other components that should not be modified by the client (like current quantity ordered or any other order/client related data)
(2) the possibility to restore current values in case the client decide finally not to save its modifications

So does it mean there is no solution because (1) is not possible with EDIT (all components shown on the screen can be modified) and (2) is not possible with new ENTRY (real time change) ?

You can add or remove any components you want on the edit screen. If you only want the user to be able to update one column value, then only show that one component and delete the others.

EDIT is clearly what I want to do, because there is a Check and the possibility to Cancel the modification, but I need also to show during the modification other data the client should not modify !

Is there really no way ??

Yes, add text components

Other information are variable data (not text) !

It’s a value in column right? Just display it in a basic text component.

But basic text can be modified too, or ?

No, it can’t. Just try it first and post a screenshot if it’s not working.

Ok fine thanks it works ! I think it answer my needs.

Final question, just to have a global view, is basic text the only one component type that can not be modified under EDIT ?

You can use any component that’s not an Edit (Entry) Component. Just try them out. I only mentioned basic text because it’s the simplest one and to prove my point.