How to show selected values in Text Entry placeholder? Is it possible?


I have 2 tables: Freelancers & Services.
I select: service 1, service 2, service 3 in process of adding new row in Services.

I want to show in Text Entry placeholder 3 services that I’ve just selected. Can it be done? I see only Freelancers table in Placeholder.

Yes it is possible through if & else column and template columns. If you need further help, feel free to book a meeting with me on Calendly - Hassan Nadeem and I can help you live on call :slight_smile:

Are you adding a new row for Freelancers here with multiple services, or are you adding a new row in Services?

What “text entry” are you showing the placeholder for? What column does it write to?

I’m adding a new row in Services.

Selected items should be saved to Services table column SelectedServices. But when I look in placeholder I see Freelancers table cells.