How to show only 1 line on mobile view?


Do you know guys how to show only 1 line of items (cards or grid style) on mobile view?

Because on Glide page on desktop view, I have only 1 line (let’s say 6 cards) and on mobile view, I need to scroll down instead of having only 1 line of items. Thanks

In the Design section on the right side of the Layout Editor, change the Orientation option from vertical to horizontal.

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In the card style, Kyle’s recommendation is the way to go. You will be limited to 2 cards side by side and the scroll will be horizontal.

Should you want more than 2 records to display on screen at a time, you can try the grid style.

NOTE: Duplicate your screen before changing styles. When you change styles, you lose the configuration of the screen.

Thank you guys but I think it’s working only in glide app and glide page?

Collections in Glide Pages have not supported horizontal scrolling yet.