How to show if a task has been completed once a day?

So I have a bunch of different google forms that we have to complete at different various times. 3 of them are every day, one is every tuesday, another is every thursday, another is every friday, etc.

I am trying to make a dashboard and to do this I used importRange in google sheets to pull all my google sheet data into one sheet, I only want the last 40 responses or so, so this will update just fine as we enter in new data.

Basically I have a timestamp column, a column for the checklist type, and two columns for the start and end time.

Screenshot 2023-11-07 at 6.45.47 PM

Originally I was thinking about making a calendar that would display what checklist had been completed that day. This was feeling perfect! But then I realized as I added more checklists it would say +2 or +3 and its just not very visual.

I’m wondering if anyone has any other ideas on how to display this data in such a way that its easy to look at and immediately know if we are doing all the checklists at the appropriate times or if we have missed some and what day we missed. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a calendar and it can even just be for that current week…looking for any ideas on how to proceed.

Thank you!

Still working at figuring out some solution for this…

I made a sheet that has the last 7 days in it, was going to use that to check to see if the forms were submitted over the last 7 days and show a green or red box if they were. The only issue is I can only make a column of 3 images. This was a mockup I did in an attempt to do it, I feel like to make this work I would need at least a column of 5 images (hiding saturday/sunday) but I don’t currently see a way to do that.