How to show a message below

I want to show a text message “below”, every time the main text or button (question) is clicked.
How can you do this with glide?

Also, I want to increase the number of messages according to the number of click.

For example, the question is " What’s your favorite sweets?
I want to show “chocolate” "candy " and “cake”, increasing one by one, below.

Please your advice.
Thank you very much.

I’m not sure I get what you want here. Do you have a visualization of how you want it to look like?

Sorry for inconvenience.

Every time the question is clicked, I want to show a message below.

Also, I want to increase the number of messages per one click.
(up to 3 times is enough)

Thank you very much.

Are those three answers to the question pulled from a larger set and are displayed randomly? Or are there ever only three possible “Messages” for each question?

Three answers should be specific to each question and should not be displayed randomly. I want three answers to be in order.

Here is a basic implementation

  1. Create a table where each row has columns for the question, the three answers, and a user specific number column. Let’s call it “increment”
  2. Create a screen with a collection of all questions
  3. On the details screen for each question, add a component that allows for text and an action (could be a rich text component if you want the text itself to be clickable). Point this component to the question column.
  4. Add three more text components. Point each of these to the answers.
  5. Add visibility conditions to the three answer texts:
  • first: visible if Increment —> is greater or equal to —> 1
  • second: visible if Increment —> is greater or equal to—> 2
  • third: visible if Increment —> is greater or equal to —> 3
  1. Add an increment action to the question component that increments the Increment column by 1

Or… much simpler… button increments by 1 (condition: not to increment more than the number of answers), and list filter rows by incremented value.

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It went well!

Thank you very much.

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