How to share favorited items

I have a table of items and separately a favorites table and when a user favorites an item from the main table of items, the action stores the ID for that item in the favorites table and then writes their email address to a column that is set as the row owner.

Each signed in user as a page “My Favorites” that displays their favorite from that table, through a relation to the main table.

I want to also allow users to share that same list on a separate page that can be viewed by other people. Is there a way to accomplish this easily? One thought I had was adding to the custom action by which they save or unsave favorites to write the ID and their name to a second table that doesn’t have row owners. One problem I see with that approach is that it ends up using twice as many rows to basically store the same information.

Any other ideas?

I would maybe remove row owners and filter the list instead. Then if they want to share favorites, you could use a relation with their email instead.

Are you using row owners to filter the data or to secure their email address?

Hmmmm…Maybe that is the solution. Now I need to remember why I thought I needed to have row owners. Related to your question, I guess turning off row ownership would expose their email address and the items they have favorited, right? I suppose to keep their email address secure I could use something other than their email address to identify them?

Technically yes. You could still filter out the rows that don’t belong to the user, but without row owners, all favorited data would still be downloaded, even if it’s not visible in the app.

Definitely, that would work. Maybe store the user profile Row ID instead. Then you can still filter the list based on the signed in user’s user profile Row ID, or you could use that RowID to create a relation to the table.

This is so helpful. Last question, since without row owners the app/page loads all of the data in the table, does that have a performance impact once there are a lot of items in the table, in your experience?

Potentially, but since it’s such a basic table with only a couple of columns, it shouldn’t be noticable.

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