How to select values from other drop down


I have a main category table as a drop down and sub category which is also a drop down showing all the values from sub category table but i need to list only values based on the category selection.
If i select born baby,it has 2 sub category,it should display 2 values in drop down.

Filter your Sub-Category selector using Screen Values


How to filter ?
I tried but not coming.

On your Sub Category choice component, use the following:

“Category is Screen → Category”

Now it comes like this,

if i select women,it gets the first value from sub category and if i select girl its getting the second value and so on…

Can you click on the below please, so that the filter condition is expanded, and show me what it looks like.

How it find that this sub category is for this main category ?

Wait… which table is the source of your Choice Components?

Is it this one? :point_down:

Or is it this one? :point_down:

From what you are describing, it sounds like it’s the first one.
It should be the second one.

The first one - with all the User Specific Columns - is where the choice selections should be written to. That table probably only needs a single row. It looks to me like you have all your data jumbled up.

Im using the first one ,thats where the choice table selection coming of.

i just updated the 1st table with look like second one and its now working based on screen value.

i added sub category value before like women,girl and born baby and filter as
main category ->includes ->main category

Now its working.I want to know whether it is ok ?