How to select hierarchical item

I have a list of clients that are grouped hierarchically e.g
,.,.,.,.James Smith *
,.,.,.,…Paul Timms *
,.,.Upper Hutt
,.,.,.,.Brian Green *
where the '*" are the clients and the rest are the groups

At the moment I can add groups and clients with multiple levels.

My question is how do I bring up a form to select a client on another form?

Do you mean you want to select clients from a choice component?

Also just to confirm, you already have separate tables to store groups and clients, is that correct?

If I could use a choice component to select a client that would be good but it would obviously need to be able to navigate up and down the levels before selecting the client.

I have it on the same table at the moment. Ideally it should be two separate tables as that makes more sense but I couldn’t work out when doing an add to make it add to the client table or the group table

So you mean you should be able to select the location first, then in the second choice component you’ll be able to choose from the people that belong to that location?

Please restructure your data to multiple tables like below.

Locations: Location name/Plus whatever columns you need here.

Clients: Client name/Location name.

Then after you select the location, in the clients choice you can filter by location name is screen’s location choice.

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Thanks for the replies.
I’ll change my tables to be location and client.

My next question is how to create a form that allows you to navigate through the unlimited levels to choose a client that comes up when pressing a button on another form

Hola @Peter_Sloan

I think my demo APP for multi choices and relations can help you to start (but it doesn’t use forms)


May I ask why don’t you do it in one form only? Can you explain more about using multiple forms here?

Let’s assume that the first screen could be any form that requires the selection of a client.

Screens 2,3 and 4 are built up by the data and is dependent on how many levels are created.