How to reset the app by time? Is is possible?

Hi, I would like my app to “Start over” by specific time.
I mean,
In my app, my users are watching videos , if the user stops watching (go to other app) then my app still run in the background, if the app will re open again during the day, the user will find him self exactly where he left.

I would like to “refresh” the app so the user will go to “HOME TAB” when new day starts - > 00:00 (midnight).
Is that possible?

If not, Is it possible to “shut down” the app or create “shut down” button? like adding button in the menu for “exit app”.

Thank you.

A thought is to create a column with a “last checked in” timestamp column to control your visibilities.

Show a tab with a “welcome to a new day” (for example’s sake) button, that will set the current timestamp to the signed-in user’s “last checked in” column.

That tab will only be visible when the “last checked in” value of the user is empty or is before today.