How to reset row (of true/false values) to default with one click?

I have row of true/false values, controlled by a user with the switch component. Could I somehow reset all the values of that row with one click?

Meaning, I’d like to make all values of the row back to ‘false’ state again without clicking each on/off switches one by one.

Not within Glide. Have you ever written a script in Google sheets or even know what it is or how about to go at it?

Thanks. Yes I have learned that when nocode is not enough code, we shall head to Google Sheet scripts :slight_smile: Couldn’t write one myself at the moment but basically know how to add if needed.

About this question, this was an alternative thought born when thinking my earlier question about shopping or todo list type part of an app.

As I’m quite satisfied my current achievement with that, no need to use more time with this. Just thought if there would be an easy existing way to test that idea.