How to reset all items status to back to "Available"?

There just something about this one that seems simple enough but its throwing me for a loop!

Let’s say I have 10 items that are visible to all users and available for them to select. Then when a user selects an item is removed from the batch and only 9 are visible. That’s easy enough, Set Column Value, Filters, and voila. BUT when the tenth item is chosen I want to make all 10 items again. That’s where I am getting stuck.

I don’t know if my answer is to use a boolean, Increment, or what.

My current attempt is as follows:

  1. All items have the status of “Available”
  2. When an item is selected by a user I use an action to set column value to change the status to “Unavailable”
  3. A ITE column spits out a 1 for “Available” and then a 0 for “Unavailable”.
  4. A rollup column sums up the ITE column.
  5. In the action that sets the column value I have a condition, if the rollup column is > 1 then it sets column value as “Unavailable”, but if the rollup is less than or equal to 1 it sets column value to “Available”. The logic behind this is that a rollup value of 1 indicates it is the last item available and once that is selected then all the items should become available again. Thus resetting the status back to Available. This works except set column value only changes the status of that singular item.

So my question is 1) is the even the approach you’d recommend? 2) if so how would you go about resetting all the values back to “Available” after the final item is selected?

I’ve skimmed this post to see if there were any obvious helps, nothing leapt out at me, but if so then point me back that way.


One way is with a bit of smoke and mirrors.


And another way is with Call API and the Glide API :slight_smile: