How to replicate a design, shrink a logo, use an image carousel

Hey there all!

I’m trying to replicate this design (which I put together with no code in Retool, but want to use a no code app if I can to not need a devs help for the functionality):

Issue I’m having is, I don’t even know how to resize my logo, make changes to layout/ button width, change the colour of headings or buttons or how to convert images into a carousel. The other thing I’d want to do is have some of the text vary depending on what someone adds to their ordere (i.e. to have that text field read the DB and show what’s in their order). I’m not sure if any of this stuff is possible so thought best to ask!

Anyone that can offer guidance would be more than appreciated :slight_smile:

This is where I’ve gotten it to:

To get an image in the tab header, you would need to use CSS. The following might give you a start:

To create an image carousel, you need an array of images, and use that as the target for an image component. There are several ways to create an array of images.

Thanks very much for this Darren.

The other thing I’m wanting to do is, once a user picks their ‘style pack’ by clicking a button, I want them to be shown what’s included in their pack with a series of images showing what the items they can swap out with:

Not sure if this type of thing and these functions would be possible here.

For the carousel, I created a MakeArray column and placed 3 images into it, but I couldn’t see how to then have a carousel functioning in the actual app from this.

One other thing I’m unsure of is, if I’m building this design for mobiles, how to make it work/ look good when expanded onto a desktop (less important but good to put it out there!)


That should work. Can you show me how the MakeArray column is configured, as well as the screen image component?

You don’t have a lot of design flexibility with Glide, unless you’re willing to get your hands dirty with CSS - which isn’t officially supported. I guess it’s a trade off for Glide’s ease of use and low entry barrier.

Functionally you should be able to get what you want, but getting it to look exactly like that might be a bit of a challenge.

For desktop, have you looked at Glide Pages? Although targeted at desktop, they are fully responsive and usually work equally well on mobile.

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