How to remove my account from Glide?

I want to delete my account from Glide. How can I do this? Because I mistakenly registered with an email address that I don’t want to use. In addition, I am on a free plan.


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Or you can Sign out ( by clicking the Signout option that will show after clicking the three dots ) and sign in with the other email!

Thank you

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Hello, Dilon_Perera. Thank you so much. I understood how to remove account.

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However, there is one problem.
Because my email address is too long, the “Account Settings” menu is hidden from view. Is there anything I can do about this?

Try changing the zoom level in your browser.

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Thank you for your suggestion. However, I tried zooming the browser from 25% to 500%, but the three dots did not show up and did not resolve the issue.

What type of device are you doing it from? If you have not tried a desktop browser then I think that’s the way to go.

I am using a laptop. And I used google chrome and micorosoft edge as browsers.

I thought you were using Safari because the bar is at the bottom. Do you have anyway to change it to the top?

I guess you have given the long mail to the name when glide asks to enter the name and some other details! I also tried to create a new account using a new yahoo account and when Glide asks to enter the first name and last name I entered a long name to test this issue! And I also saw that issue!

But don’t worry! :muscle: This is where the place that DevTools is useful! :wink: For a moment you can delete a part of that name from there and you will see the three dots! :exploding_head:

You will wonder OK, but how? :thinking:

Here’s how! :

And apologies for creating the new account as same as your account! Just needed to test this same situation! I have delete that! :+1:

And there is a grammar problem that for the appeared the a should come in front! :sweat_smile: Don’t think about that! :upside_down_face:

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Resolved. Thank you!!! (^^) As you said, I used Devtools and edited the long email address to make it shorter. Then THREE DOTS showed up. Thanks for making the video. It was very easy to understand. Thank you for your help.

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Depending on which browser you are using, you should be able to hover over the section you want to inspect/edit, right-click, and then choose “Inspect”. That will open DevTools with that particular section already highlighted. Same result, just saves a step…

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