How to prevent certain Action Row submissions

I am creating a scheduling feature in my app, where members can give options to each other about when they would like to have their next meeting set.

I was able to show a list of proposed dates as an inline list, and since the project is still small and there are only a few members participating, I was able to single out each attendee to create an action row where there is an option to click either Yes, I can attend or No, I cannot attend in the detailed screen. The results will be sent to another sheet called Confirmed Attendees using the “add row” function.

The problems that I need help with are below:

  1. Because the name of attendees shown in the detailed screen are the attendees that the owner of the meeting has selected using the Choice botton, the names are not tied to each of the attendee’s User ID. These names are tied to the owner’s User ID who is convening the meeting. Because of this, I am unable to filter the list of names thus enabling all attendees to confirm attendance of any one of the attendees in the list.

  2. I also want to prevent duplicate submissions from the same action row by the same attendee. I read the Help section that touched on how to avoid duplicate entries and it said that I should create a relation for this but the demo was when a user was entering his/her name in a form and this situation doesn’t apply in my case where I want to search for a duplicate in the same sheet.

Thank you for your help! I am VERY new to Glide but I am already excited about what I can do with this. I really appreciate any advice I can get to get over this hurdle.

Here’s how I would go about setting this up:


Thank you Robert!

You’ve been my YouTube Glide tutor since I started learning so I was excited that you personally responded to my inquiry. I find your YouTube videos incredibly helpful! Your explanations are clear and very easy to follow so thank you for making those videos.

This video also clarified all my questions. I appreciate that you even introduced me to new features I wasn’t aware of like the inquiry column and the action button in highlight text.
I am now able to restrict the visibility to signed in users and show / hide the RSVP buttons to prevent duplicate submissions.

Thanks again - you’re an amazing instructor!


My pleasure!

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