Avoid Duplicates on form submit


I’m looking for a way to cancel adding the row on form submit if there is already a row for the same thing existing. At the minute heres how it works.

The form consists of 3 Text Entries(Ill name the important one “Requests” for ease):

Name, “Request”, Notes.

If there is already a request in the table for “Request”, I don’t want it to add the row.
I have created a List, and then a split list of “Requests”. I have then Checked if the Split list contains “Request”, cancel and show a fail notification.

Obviously this isn’t working as it is adding the row on Form Submit, then checking if that “Request” exists, which it now does, and then removes the row.

Any ideas?

Hopefully this was clear enough.

You might want to create a custom form to prevent duplicate new entries.

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