Calendar prevent two entries at the same day


Is there a way to not allow user to add the second event on the same day? I mean is there a way to allow user to add only one event per day via calendar add event action?

Sure, just need a condition on the action that only allows a new entry to be added, if an entry for that day doesn’t already exist. Use some sort of relation to check if the desired start date already has an event scheduled.

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But relation to what? I only have a date stamp after the event is submitted via calendar

I think the complexity here lies in the fact that Glide might not be able to know which “date” you’re clicking in when using an inline action.

I would do it like this:

  • Create an “Add” title bar action that links to a custom form.
  • Create fields to store the event name, starting time and ending time.

  • Create a query column to check it against your existing Events table, filter by user’s email/ID equals to the signed-in user’s email/ID, and starting time is within the same date as this row > starting time.

  • If the query is not empty (meaning the user has booked for that date), don’t allow submitting a new event, else allow booking, via an add row action.

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Thank you for your input!

Yes, you are right, this is the problem exactly.

So in other words it is not possible to do via the calendar interface.

Buttons is another thing, there are lots of possibilities, of course.

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