How to modify webview size

Hello everybody!

I have this situation.

I was able to place a webview with a custom URL and placed the size as large (please see attachment 1)

But for some reason, the webview doesn’t go full length

How can place my webview with a full length?

Thanks in advance for the help

Greetings from Panama!

Hi @Erick_Falck, from what I see the “webview” component is only available for the PRO version. Do you have the PRO version?

Hi Pablo! Yes! Glide gave me that warning saying that I’m not able to share my app without going pro, but
They said that I’m still able to use it as a preview and that’s what I’m doing.

Already tried all of the sizes available and none of them is able is to place my webview with the full length.


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Ah, ok, so this is out of my reach. @SantiagoPerez are you there? Greetings, there we see what solution the experts provide

Thank you so much Pablo for all the help dude. :slight_smile:

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I think this is something that @Mark probably has an answer for. I have tested it before with the same result.

The webview action works better though.

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Yes @SantiagoPerez with the webview action works with no problem. Take a look

But I really want to avoid an extra screen to the UX hehehe

I completely understand.