How to make one buy button only show once for each user

I can’t seem to find a topic on my issue.

I have an app that caters to two different types of user’s. I decided to give a 24hr trial for a $1.00 before going full fledge, the paying user’s. I know how to add the trial component, but of course, I don’t want them to keep paying the lower amount if they like it. So how do I limit each user to only one trial? In other words, I don’t want the trial button to be visible again after it is used once by each user

Are you using the native glide buy button?

I want this one component not to be visible for user after one use

OK. I have another question. How do you have it set up so app knows when a purchase has been made and the full features are enabled for 24 hours?

Does this answer the question?

OK, this shouldn’t be too bad. Looking at your profile table, I see you are pulling in the last purchase type. I’m assuming that if a user purchased a 1 day trial, and later purchased a full subscription, then the last purchase type would be the full subscription? I’m assuming that you use the email for a relation to the sales table?

I started to write out a longer answer and thought of something better. If you have a relation from the profile table to the sales table, then you already know that they have made purchase in the past, regardless if it was a trial or full subscription. You should be able to set a visibility condition on the button to only show if the relation (User Profile → Relation) is empty. If it is not empty, then they have made a purchase.

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Is there a link or video explaining this? I think I have it but for some reason its really not clicking in my head… LOL

I don’t have a specific video. Where are you getting stuck?