How to make bundling item with different product name into cart and link it to inventory?

i really need your help.
i am basically new with this and completely have zero idea how to use this.
but i think Glide will be very helpful to manage my business.

so i own a giftbox/hampers business where the customer can choose the items they want into their hampers.
ive been spending many hours trying to figure out how to built this.
since the product i sell is fully customized products, so its going to be temporary product that doesn’t need any SKU.
but each item they put into the product should be linked to the inventory product.

example: i have a hampers named : exclusive giftset. and they can choose whichever item they want to put into the exclusive giftset.

how do i make this? since i cant link the item i sell from the order item directly to the inventory. because each item is dependent to a product bundling which each of them named differently.
is there any templates that can help me with this? so i can save more time that ive been wasted trying to built this completely customary inventory?
sorry for my english. but i hope you understand my frustration here.

thank you in advance for your help.
pleaseeee help meee

This scenario is not the easiest to implement if one has zero idea of how to use Glide because several aspects have to be taken into consideration. Nothing impossible but a little experience to make it well it takes.
I don’t know if there is a template like the one you need, it doesn’t seem like it, but Glide certainly has all the tools you need to make it from scratch and with a little study and patience you can get there on your own.
But if you want a template because you can’t waste any more time, if you don’t find the template, surely a certified expert user can prepare everything in a short time and maybe you should contact one of these. If you don’t find anyone willing to do it, come back to me and I’ll make the basic app for you.


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