How to implement photo moderation?

Hello, I have been trying to understand for a long time, is it possible to make each user go to the application, open the general list of items, select an item, take a photo of this item, click the submit button for moderation and can continue searching and selecting items on the sheet, and the moderator in the application checks the photo created by the user and confirms the change of the photo of the item?

Sure! You can have 2 columns in the sheet (one public and another one for moderation) Then When a user upload an image store them there and for moderators create an action to allows them (with maybe a bar button) to accept or deny the new image. Then in your new action if deny → set column for moderate → empty.
If accepts → set column image (the one to be shown) with the new link → and set column for moderators to empty for new images.

I hope you understand the explanation.