How to hide button?


I’m having to hardest time trying to hide a button so that players can’t claim their reward a second time.

Basically I have a rank system based off of player’s XP. I have it now set up to where if they achieved Bronze status, then they can claim some extra 10 gold as an extra reward for achieving this rank. I have a button and button bar set to where the button ask them to claim their reward followed by the button bar asking them to cancel or claim.

The button bar does become invisible when you hit claim, however the Claim your $$ button (the first one) doesn’t. I’m trying to get it to where once the $$ is claimed, then both buttons are gone and there’s nothing to claim because they already claimed it.

Create a custom action to set columns on a user specific column as true to mark that the button was clicked and the reward was claimed.
Now add visibility on the button to show only if the column is empty or false

So the part I’m not follow is the “user specific column as true to mark that button as clicked and reward claimed” I believe this should have been done in my data sheet, but I’m not sure what column to make for it to be related to the button.

You should make a new column named, let’s say, rewardClaimed. Let it be of type boolean and user-specific column.
There are no connections with components in GDE.
After that, you can set visibility for the button component: If rewardClaimed is empty or false.
On your $$ button you can set custom action where among other things, your action will set the column value (rewardClaimed) to true. That should work.

omg I’m still struggling lol. So my issue is that the button bar now is the one that won’t disappear after the reward is claimed. So again, player can click either Cancel or Claim. But when you hit Claim, the button bar still stays.

Have you tried to set visibility conditions to be the same for both button as well as button bar?
Visibility should be set to rewardClaimed is false and rewardClaimed is empty.
In other words, buttons will be visible only if rewardClaimed is not set to true.

shouldn’t the visibility be set to when rewardClaimed is not true?


@Mozza @Eric_Penn when I set the visibility conditions to be the same for both buttons, the area is completely blank. So a person can’t click on anything.

Button Bar


App screen
Screen Shot 2021-12-09 at 6.05.46 PM

For that setup I believe you need to use the “or” function.

Alternatively you could use is not true

A boolean column has three possible states. Empty / False / True

If we are just trying to use the boolean column as an on/ff switch its best practice to use the conditions “is true” and “is not true”.

Is not true covers both cases of empty and false…

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Thanks so much for helping you guys.

So @Eric_Penn when I do that, both bars appear on the page when the Claim your $$ should appear first, followed by the button bar.

Screen Shot 2021-12-09 at 6.18.21 PM

XD, progress is being made though because when I made one of the checkboxes in the boolean true, both buttons did disappear.

Actually, now that I think about it. It seems like the button (Claim your $$) is affecting the button bar. Because once Claim your $$ is clicked, both buttons like I said are gone because the checkbox is true.

I thought that was your intention at first.

Not sure from your last post… Is it working now as you intended to?

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@Mozza @Eric_Penn Boom! We got it! :sweat_smile:

Okay, everything regarding the extra gold information was in the right Claim button bar. So I decided to “move” it. I retyped all of the extra gold into a new custom action in the actual button (Claim your $$) followed by entering the rewardClaimed - true.

Then I kept the visibility the same because like I mentioned before, both buttons disappeared when true.

Lastly, I removed the button bar because like I mentioned, when the Claim your $$ was pressed first, all of the buttons disappeared.

So now only the Claim your $$ remains and when I click on it, it delivers the extra gold to the player’s userGold AND the button disappears, meaning they can only kick it once!

Thank you guys so much for the help because this was driving me bonkers XP