How to have different styling per layer of child details?

Hello! I have many parent > child relationships and as you click deeper into the details I’d like the styling to be different.

For example (shared below) I have “Austin Food Guides” details page with the “tiles” style and then I click “Top 10 Tacos” (shared below) and I’d like the “List” style.

After clicking out, all detail pages will assume the style of my last update. Is there a way to get around this and have a style per details page? Do I need to have a list per tab? (Which would mean many many tabs)

In the Glide builder, create a “virtual” new tab pointing on the gsheet tab continuing your data. Create as many tabs as styles you want.

You will create several tabs in Glide, not in your gsheet.

I appreciate the help @Christophe_HK! But I played around with hidden tabs but don’t see how that helps me solve this. How can I point to a tab and still continue the deeper and deeper child relationships?

Love seeing Joes Bakery on this example. I grew up in Austin eating at Joes Bakery before Austin’s eastside was hipster.

hi @codyeli have you tried to make for every section a separate inline list? This gives you the option to create different detail pages behind the first click. as example see

@codyeli I like to structure my data on multiple sheets that are grouped by similar data (and associated layout). Mostly because it’s easier for me to understand and follow the flow, and because any layout you design is always tied to that sheet (not to individual parents/children category/subcategories in the same sheet). I would hope that you aren’t drilling down several levels deep and are only going two or three levels deep. If so, then you should only need a few sheets with relations linking everything together. Splitting the data up, as opposed to putting it all in one sheet, will make things much easier to manage.