How To Get Rid Of Components

How Do I get rid of these components? By these I mean the search and the cards.

Looks like a collection. You can remove components by selecting them in the lower left panel in the builder, and then click on the X to delete it.

Thanks It worked. Now How do I get rid of the components in the navibar?

Do you want to delete the tab, or just hide the tab?
You can right click on the tab in the upper left panel and click on delete to permanently delete it. You can also click on the eyeball to hide it from the app.

If you mean that you want the tab to remain active, but hide it from the navbar, then you can select a tab, open the options in the right hand panel and click on the the checkbox to hide it from the navbar.

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Thanks. I tried that early but for some reason the checkbox didn’t appear. Guess it needed refushing.

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