How to get last value

how can I get last value from a choice I chose last time I already sent using form?

You can use a Single Value column to get the last value either from an entire table, or the last value through a relation.


Can you please give me an example or pictures ?. It would help a lot.

Thank you

There really not much to it. Go to the data editor in glide, add a new column, select Single Value as the column type, set which which column in which table you want to get the value from, and set it to get the last value in that column. That’s it.


I dont really mean that type of the value

lets say I choose the name “Amazon” in the form and send it. Then, how can the choice automatically choose “Amazon” for me the next time I click in the form for the default value. I did it in the other app it says get last value

The other way, if you’re not wanting the value of the column of the last row that was written, is to do a ‘set column’ in a custom action to a field in your user table set aside to store that value. Call it "Last Retailer’. Then, when you bring up the custom form to submit a new record, you can set the default value of a field to the value contained in the ‘last retailer’ field of the logged on user.

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Still could use the single value column. You could place that single value column in a user profile table or the parent table that contains your form button. Then you can set the default value of the choice component in the form to use that single value.


I still dont get it can you explain how can I do it please. Or if you can give me a video it would help a lot


Maybe this video may help you!

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Got it man

Thank a lot I really appreciated

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