How to get a DateTime column from a DateOnly and TimeOnly columns

i have 2 columns that store a DateOnly and a TimeOnly value.
I have tried to use these columns as source for a Calendar’s collection but i don’t know how to get a column that “combine” the Date and Time columns ini a DateTime columns
How can i do this ?
Thanks in advance

Use a template column and put both columns in it for a Date&Time column.


  1. template column to Combine the two
  2. text to Date column to covert to date (optional but recommended to leverage date logic)
  3. Use this column in the calendar component

I wonder why you would have 2 columns in the first place, but perhaps that is something you have little to no control over?

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Unrelated to this thread, but for me it was due to a scheduling function. Date is chosen first and then available time slots are displayed (filtering out those already taken).

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how can i convert the template column to date/time column ?
Thanks again


Ok, i have tried to combine the 2 columns in one template columns, but i cannot get any valid result.
i have tried
2/7/2023, 9:00
2/7/2023 9:00
2/7/2023 9:00 PM
with no success
which format must i use ?
Thanks again

Any of those should work, you just need to provide the correct pattern according to the format that you use.

For example, with 2/7/2023, 9:00 you would use d/M/yyyy, h:mm

You may also need to provide a UTC offset, depending on where you are. In my case, I’m in Singapore, so I use utc-8.


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