How to find csv text in another csv text?

How would i find the items in the csv on the right column inside the left column?
Example: The first row contains My Calendar in both column.

Just to be clear, are you looking for the intersection of the two lists?
ie. those items that appear in both lists.

Yes. So if anything in second column matches anything first column then return TRUE otherwise FALSE. I will use the TRUE value to determine who on this table of users sees a message.

Okay, this is just off the top of my head and it requires a few columns. There might be a shorter way - certainly it could be done with a single JavaScript column. But anyway…

  • Convert both to arrays using Split Text columns
  • Use the Remove Elements from Array plugin to remove all elements in the second array from the first.
  • Check the length of the resultant array and compare it to the original.
  • If the length is shorter, then you have one or more intersecting items.

Interesting idea, okay thanks i will try that now👍

Here is a JavaScript option. I’d probably use this as it’s only a single column.

function intersection(list1, list2) {
  return list1.filter(function(item) {
    return list2.includes(item);

let arr1 = p1.split(',');
let arr2 = p1.split(',');
return intersection(arr1,arr2);
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It’s only the three extra columns, because i would need column 1,2 & 6 for any solution (besides if i used javascript)
I’ll try the java script now and see.
Thanks for your help on this👍

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