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Hi, everyone, I am confronting a problem regarding if then else column. The First column is the user column where he selects the teams through choice component. The second column is a joined list column, extracted from another sheet, where admin also has choice component and he selects the teams. If both the user and admin column matches then there is congrats message.
The problem comes when the teams selection is not aligned in same manner in both user and admin column then if then else column doesn’t shows the message that I want.

Replace the Admin Joined List column with a Lookup column. Then create a Split Text column to convert the user list to an array. Now you will have two arrays. Next create two Sort Array columns to sort all of the values in each array. Finally create two Joined List columns to merge both sorted arrays into comma delimited text strings. Then your IF column can properly do a comparison.


Thank you for the explanation, but If you can please share an example I will be thankful to you

Can you explain. What does it mean?

Not sure why there’s a “test” word there, it should be just comma-delimited strings, as results of the Joined List column.

@ibrahim17 @ThinhDinh Sorry about that. I fixed the post. That’s what happens when I type out these responses on my phone. I tend to fat finger my words.

@ibrahim17 Were you able to get it to work? Sorry, I haven’t had a chance to get to my computer to grab some screenshots. Been busy the past couple of days.


Yes, thanks a lot, Jeff your idea worked, but I am still not clear about comma_delimited strings?

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A comma delimited text string is just a list of items with a comma between each item. The comma is the delimiter. For example (apple,orange,banana,pear).


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