How to filter visibility on Card style promotions

I’m creating a way for salon owners to make promotional offers for their businesses on their profiles.

I’m capturing the data on the a new Deals table and I’ve made a bunch of connections back to the “salons” table which has all of the salon info on it

But i can’t seem to get the visibility right so that the deals only pop up on the salon profile that they belong to.

For example, these 2 promotions are supposed to be on 2 different salon profiles, not listed together:

The visibility filter also wants me to connect the Deals back to the “User” table. So I created a new User column for the Salon RowIDs here:

But, when i try to find the SalonRowID on the filter conditions it won’t pull it up?

Can someone tell me what i’m missing??

I would imagine that the View Promotions button should be a ‘Show New Screen’ → ‘This Item’ yo give you a new screen still attached to the salon row. In the salon table, you should have a relation that links the salon to the Deals table. On the new screen you should be able to source your list from the relation.

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Hi Jeff! So I have it set to the “deals” table because that’s where all the coupon information is. The salon profiles are built on the ‘salons’ table. Is there still an easy work around for this? It doesn’t make sense for the promotions to be on the salon table bc i want them to be able to create multiple promos and be able to delete the row when it’s done, etc.

You don’t have to change which tables the data is stored. That part is fine, but you are trying to show the promotions as a list correct? Showing a new screen that’s still connected to the salon row would give you a black canvas where you can add that list. Sourcing the list from from deals relation in the salon table would give you the results you want.

Got it. So interesting I just needed to make 1 relation originating from the salon table side instead of the deals table side, and it allowed me to use all the deal table data.


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