How to filter the visibility by group in collection?

I am newbie. Please suggest me how to show or hide some group the same collection. Thanks!

In the collection, there is only one “group by” to group by from one column selected. I want to add some more “Group by” and hide some of them. Please suggest me how to apply the other way to get the same result because there is no +add more group by at this moment. Thanks!

Can you provide some sample data and explain what exactly do you want it to show on the front end?

Thanks for your response.
Supposing there are 100 users, 20 play tennis, 20 play basketball, 20 play golf, 20 play football and 20 play cricket. When the sign-in user play golf, I would like them to see only playing golf users. The collection “groups by” shows all groups of tennis, basketball, golf, football and cricket. I would like to hide tennis, basketball, football and cricket when the sign-in user play golf. How can I do that ? Please advice.

For this you will want to use a filter.
Assume that you have a column in your User Profile that indicates which sport each user plays, then your filter would be something like: “Sport is User Profile → Sport”
That filter would only show those Users that have a sport that matches the sport of the signed in user.

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Thanks for your response.
When I filter if the football player is check, the others can not see the collection at all. Only the football player can see the collection. I want to filter at the group by, but there is not +add filter button at the group by. May be Pro Package can do that?

It sounds like you haven’t set it up correctly.
Can you show me a screen shot of your filter condition?

Yes, I have to learn more. I will try your suggestion again. Thanks! :grinning: :grinning: