How to Filter Data Based on User Given Input?

Dear Friends,

I need some help Can you guys help to find the particular data based on User Input?

  • User Will Enter (Run time) Phone Number and Password
  • Based on Phone Number and Password Combination ( Name and other data will show from database/google sheet )
  • If Not found then will show message " Phone Number and Password Wrong "

The general approach to this is:

  • Store your input in User Specific columns
  • Create a template that combines the two provided values
  • Create a similar template joining the two associated values in your data
  • Create a relation joining those two templates
  • Retrieve whatever values you need through the relation

If any of the above concepts are unfamiliar, here is some recommended reading/viewing:


I feel obligated to mention that creating your own methods of signing users into the app is not secure. Anybody would be able to view the phone numbers and passwords of any other user with some minor digging through the data.


Thank you for your suggestion :pray:
Can the User Login via Phone Number instead of Email Id?

RE login with phone number… at the moment no.

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