How to export more than first row in table via Integromat to Google Docs

Feels like I’m missing something quite apparent here in my efforts to create a simple export of a table (page) content.

I have a restaurant menu grouped by category. Looks ace on glide pages. Customer needs to create pdf of this from time to time and send it to his clients.

So I created a button, created a webhook. Connected it to Make and created a flow so that it via [[params]] writes data to a google docs template. As I would like to construct a template for this food menu using the data coming from the glide page, I am having issues, as only the first row is shown in the document itself (so the connection works kind of)…

Attaching some screeshots of the setup. I must be getting something wrong. Any guidance, pointers are appreciated. Have a nice weekend everyone!

Output after action

Template in docs

Sounds like you need a joined list :wink:

Have a watch of the below - I suspect it will get you on the right track…


Thanks! :smiley:

Definately needed a joint list and feels like I’m getting closer now.

Managed with a joint list to list all items in a google doc. Final thing to figure out now is to group them by category so that I can add headers for the different categories in the export, and data from the price column next to each item and I’m all set. Hopefully wont be an all nighter :grin:

Still haven’t figured the final steps of this one out. As I need to list items per category as separate sections in docs I suspect I am missing some parameters in glide tables. I think I might need to export the per category from three different locations, perhaps. And I also need to display the data from a different column (price) next to each item. The prices are individual for each item. Any pointers regarding solving this would be much appreciated :relieved:

I think I’d be tempted at this point to create a JSON object and send that as a single parameter. Something along the following lines:

  "menu": {
    "appetisers": [
    "mains": [
    "desserts": [

To construct that in Glide, you’d have a separate joined list for each category, and then you’d combine the lot in a single template, that would look something like this:

  "menu": {
    "appetisers": [{jl-appetisers}],
    "mains": [{jl-mains}],
    "desserts": [{jl-desserts}]

You would use replacement values for each of {jl-appetisers}, {jl-mains} and {jl-desserts}, substituting each of your 3 joined lists.


Thanks man, trying this out right now. :handshake: The JSON part I assume is done over at Integromat right?

You construct the JSON in Glide, and then it can be unpacked it in Make. Make has JSON modules to deal with that.

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Now I’m getting the data as separate entities into a google doc template using Make. Thanks very much!

I’m not sure I’ve set it up 100% correctly but at least it works.

Skärmavbild 2022-10-16 kl. 09.34.09
Google doc template with tags

Template column in Glide

Button with webhook action

Output in generated document in Make

Looks like you’re sending each category list as a separate value, so your Menu template isn’t actually used?

But whatever, that should work equally well.

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That is true. At first try I tried to send the menu to the template to Make but couldn’t figure out the config on make end. So did a quick switch and sent the categories separately and works for this purpose. I now need to reflect for a couple of hours and go through the steps and verify what I have done and how all things are connected. Appreciate all the help, it really helped a lot!

Oh one thing I haven’t figured out yet is how I can get value from a price column to be displayed next to the product names with a blank space in between.

You should be able to use a template column for that.

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