How to enter multiple values in one field

I’m building an app to track costs per customer. It tracks hours spent and expenses incurred per customer. Each customer has a Customer Code. My employees often travel to more than one customer site in a single trip. For this reason, I need to be able to track multiple Company Codes per Trip. I have both a Trip Sheet and Accounts Sheet in my Google Sheets file.

Per Trip, I need to be able to capture and display multiple Customer Codes. When a detail view of a trip is opened, I need to be able to display the multiple Customer Codes involved on the Trip. What is the best way to do that?

The easiest might be just a notes component and the user can type in multiple values.

In my opinion, the better way would be to have a form button inside your trip details. The user will open the form, enter the customer code, and submit it to a third sheet that contains a Trip ID and the Customer Code. Then you can set up a relation in the Trip sheet to link the Trip ID to the Trip ID in the new Trip ID/Customer Code form response sheet. That way you can display all of the customer codes as an inline list inside the trip details page.

Thank you sir. I will try that approach.

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That did it! Thanks for the help.

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