How to enable my customer to enter the payment infos for a PRO plan

Hi folks,

I’ve just created an app for a customer and she will upgrade it to PRO due to the volume of info. Since we will use her credit card, how to allow she to do this ? I know that we can use ORGs, but she needs to access the Glide Dashboard any way.

Is there a easy way to allow a “basic” user provide payment infos?


The only way is to ask her to make an org, have her add you to it, transfer the app into the org, and publish the app as Public within the org.

Hi David! Thanks for the feedback.

Any plans for something more easy in the future? Some customers are very non-tech person. So, a easy to use way will be very useful.

My suggestion will be a shared link that the developer can generate to the customer/app owner asking him/her to pay the bill (monthly or yearly). Then the customer can access it and provide some infos in order to confirm the identity before proceed to enter the credit card infos.